A brainstorming around our upgraded mission and strategic direction for the next years.

Coworking Bansko is now averaging about 100 members, we have 40+ members that made Bansko their home and we are recognized as one of the biggest nomad hubs in Europe. So our initial goal to build a…

Ирена Джурелова

Преди година дигиталното номадство изглеждаше като абстрактна концепция за повечето от нас. Кариерата от разстояние беше обвита в известна доза романтизъм, а фрийлансърите бяха възприемани като шепа късметлии. Животът обаче има навика да поднася изненади.

Изведнъж останахме да работим в уюта на собствените си домове и разбрахме, че…

by Daffany Chan

You may not have heard of Bansko, Bulgaria, but it’ll certainly surprise you with its natural beauty, tight-knit community, and traditional charm. As a Chinese American, I had only stumbled upon the small town of over 12,000 while searching the web for my first destination to get…

by Maria Nedelcheva, Adventures of Bulgarian Mermaid

Are you a digital nomad searching for your winter coworking location where you can stay longer, feel safe, meet inspiring people, practice winter sports, and afford the cost of living without worrying about expenses?

Meet Coworking Bansko, Bulgaria the digital nomad winter wonderland.

Написано Ксенией Корнейчук

Готовы поспорить — вы никогда не слышали о Банско. Этот городок затаился в долине Пиринских гор, поэтому о нем знают лишь преданные поклонники Болгарии. И мы считаем, это нужно исправить!

Если шумным туристическим направлениям вы предпочитаете уютные города, если готовы променять соленый аромат моря на пьянящий своей…

by Matthias

Most people that became members of the Coworking Bansko community fall into four broad categories:
- nomads that are just starting out, often with the desire to upgrade their skills
- nomads that are already successful as freelancers, often looking to attract more clients
- nomads that are running a business…

Coworking Bansko

We building an amazing coworking space in Bansko, a mountain resort in Bulgaria. This is our story.

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