Ирена Джурелова

Преди година дигиталното номадство изглеждаше като абстрактна концепция за повечето от нас. Кариерата от разстояние беше обвита в известна доза романтизъм, а фрийлансърите бяха възприемани като шепа късметлии. Животът обаче има навика да поднася изненади.

Изведнъж останахме да работим в уюта на собствените си домове и разбрахме, че те невинаги са удобни за целта. Ежедневието по пижама може да омръзне и на най-големия домошар, а поводите за разсейване дебнат от всеки ъгъл. Противно на всички очаквания, офисът започна да изглежда все по-примамващо.

Опитните дигитални номади обаче знаят, че не е нужно да жертваме свободата си в замяна на…

by Daffany Chan

Picture by Youssef Benkirane (@youssefdigitalnomad)

You may not have heard of Bansko, Bulgaria, but it’ll certainly surprise you with its natural beauty, tight-knit community, and traditional charm. As a Chinese American, I had only stumbled upon the small town of over 12,000 while searching the web for my first destination to get a taste of the increasingly popular digital nomad lifestyle. Though only a two hour drive from the bustling capital Sofia, Bansko certainly appealed to me as a retreat for outdoor enthusiasts. …

by Maria Nedelcheva, Adventures of Bulgarian Mermaid

Are you a digital nomad searching for your winter coworking location where you can stay longer, feel safe, meet inspiring people, practice winter sports, and afford the cost of living without worrying about expenses?

Meet Coworking Bansko, Bulgaria the digital nomad winter wonderland.

Have you done a nomad winter season in the snow? No better time than this year!

While there are a few other winter coworking / coliving destinations in the Alps and in the US, they are way more expensive than Bansko and have way smaller digital nomad communities. Often the cost of accommodation is already well over €1000, not to mention ski passes, food, or entertainment…

Написано Ксенией Корнейчук

Готовы поспорить — вы никогда не слышали о Банско. Этот городок затаился в долине Пиринских гор, поэтому о нем знают лишь преданные поклонники Болгарии. И мы считаем, это нужно исправить!

Если шумным туристическим направлениям вы предпочитаете уютные города, если готовы променять соленый аромат моря на пьянящий своей свежестью горный воздух, вам обязательно стоит посетить Банско. Он расположен на юго-западе Болгарии, всего в двух часах езды от Софии и Пловдива, между национальными парками Пирин и Рила.

Невероятной красоты природа, вкусная еда, множество вариантов досуга — вот лишь несколько обстоятельств, по которым и болгары, и туристы выбирают Банско для…

by Matthias Zeitler

Most coworking space, like ours, provide skype room and redundant internet. But even that often is not enough. So here are three tools that improve your video conference calls regardless of the environment you are in.

Here are my three favorite tools:

  1. Speedify: Use a private VPN that supports channel bonding

Combining different internet uplinks prevents any interruptions and outages. So if you have Wifi and a local sim card then channel bonding will combine both connections. If one goes down it automatically uses the other one without any interruptions. Pretty cool for online teaching and if…

by Matthias

Members often wonder: How much money is the coworking space generating as a business? The answer is: yes, we break even, but we also reinvest our cashflow to improve the space. And Matthias volunteers his time instead of drawing a salary or dividends.

Our monthly fixed cost are about 8,700 lev. Last year we have spent about 12,000 lev on average per month, so each month we have some variable costs that we spend on improvements.

We break even at about 50 members and we have some great months with double that. But we also have low season…

by Matthias

Most people that became members of the Coworking Bansko community fall into four broad categories:
- nomads that are just starting out, often with the desire to upgrade their skills
- nomads that are already successful as freelancers, often looking to attract more clients
- nomads that are running a business, that are often looking to hire people or outsource services
- remote employees for larger companies

We have started to connect those people through our internal “Connections — Our Member Directory and Marketplace” app, which surfaced a lot of interesting skill sets, so I wonder if there…

by Gabriella Tutino

Bansko is gaining popularity and recognition as a winter destination for nomads and tourists alike, due to its affordability, varied winter activities, and accessible location. While a week-long winter vacation in Bansko can be good fun, nomads are able to truly get a feel for Bansko’s vibe and community.


Sure, Bansko is easier on the wallet than most winter destinations. With the cost of living at 1/3rd the cost of living in the U.S. the price of a 3- or 4-star hotel can seem like a steal. But as a nomad booking a stay for a…

by Gabriella Tutino

Here at Coworking Bansko, we could give you a million reasons why winter is the best time to visit our town and join our nomad community space: the snow activities, the warm and comforting Bulgarian dishes, the welcoming community we pride ourselves on. But instead of listening to us, why not take the word of fellow nomads who have visited Bansko or made it their temporary home? We’ve interviewed a handful of Coworking Bansko members past and present who love Bansko come the winter season. Read on to see what they have to say!

Name: Viktoria Polishchuk

by Matthias Zeitler

The year is coming slowly to an end which is always a good time to reflect and make plans. Especially after having several great coworking operators in Bansko for our CUBB event and spending time with nearly 600 coworking professionals at Coworking Europe the week after.

Every year we organize CUBB to connect with other coworking professionals to share and to learn

And I also spent some time with 250 nomads on Nomad Cruise X to make connections and get a feeling what is happening in the nomad ecosystem outside Bansko.

Coworking Bansko

We building an amazing coworking space in Bansko, a mountain resort in Bulgaria. This is our story.

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